We’re Still Working.

We’re also Hiring!

The bank is no longer a bank! Our “Front Yard” is taking form. Inside, the brewery and kitchen come together. So, get ready. Open date posted soon.

Meanwhile, we are hiring for all positions, both front of house and back of house.

Please send resume and/or cover letter to : jobs@canyonclub.works


“A pub is not a bar, nor a restaurant -- but an integral part of life and community.”

Sharing a meal or a glass of wine with others is a Lamorinda staple, yet few public businesses support this experience. We seek to create an establishment with meaning, one that the local community can rely on to meet with friends and neighbors, and ideally one that leads the way towards a revitalized Moraga.

This is the catalyst for creating Canyon Club – to provide a relaxed atmosphere where the entire community can gather to drink, eat and enjoy.