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The Third Place

“Third Place” is a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg and refers to places where people spend time between home (‘first’ place) and work (‘second’ place). They are locations where we exchange ideas, have a good time, and build relationships. ” –

We are Lamorinda’s Third Place: The crossroads of amazing people, great beer, delicious food, and an atmosphere of comfort. We are a brewery, a biergarten, a restaurant, and we are live music.


Founded by Kevin Hamilton, Nick Mack, and Head Brewer, Christian Kazakoff, we are owned and operated by local families. Christian uses his award-winning brewing style to make some of the Bay Area’s best craft beer. We are part of the Lamorinda community and we support the community that supports us.

We are cyclists, foodies, beer geeks, jazz musicians, motorcycle riders, athletes, poets, students, teachers, business people, moms, dads, and kids. We live, laugh, fist pump and work hard to provide the best service to our guests.

We are the Canyon Club and we'd love for you to pull up a chair next to the fire pit, put your feet up and enjoy a great beer with friends. 

- Canyon Club

Our Brewer