Initally pouring six beers from our house, plus 15 other choices. CCB initial house draft list includes kölsch, pale ale, IPA, grisette and a common. We also have saison, cider, porter, kombucha, scotch ale, American lager, English porter, NA and a gluten free to round out our beer menu. Other styles to look forward to are IPA’s with exotic hops, traditional and non-traditional lagers, pale ales with different malts, and beer styles with unique yeast strains.

Canyon Club Brewery beers (5oz, 10oz, 16oz)

A Touch of Chaos - Oatmeal Pale Ale - ABV 5.1%

Solid IPA - New World IPA - ABV 6.8%

Burning Ram Kolsch - German Kolsch - ABV 4.5%

Travis’ Lament - Classic Grisette - ABV 5.3%

Moraga Commons - California Strong Lager - ABV 6.3%

Utah! Gimmie Two - Japanese Style Rice Lager - ABV 4.5%

Today’s CCB beers on tap :